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Artistic Assistant
Listed 3/28/2017

ETA: Position has been filled.


November Theatre front

Virginia Repertory Theatre, a regional theatre in Richmond, VA, is seeking a full-time Artistic Assistant to support the work of the Associate Artistic Director and the Artistic Director.

Duties to include but are not limited to: production support, production meeting notes, script copying and distribution, and casting support and other duties as assigned. Salary is entry-level.

Virginia Rep is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Position filled. Thanks to all who applied.

Playwright’s Note: The End of War

The following note appears in the playbill for The End of War, onstage at the November Theatre through March 26th, 2017.

When I set out to write the novel, The End of War, the source material for this play, I had in mind a Greek tragedy. The book was designed to mimic classic theatrical structure: three Olympian gods (in this case, Churchill, Stalin and FDR) who decide the fates of men; then three chosen mortals (in the novel, one American combat photographer, a female cellist in Berlin, and a crazed Soviet soldier) live out the Olympians’ intents on the earth. I took pains to make the book authentic, using much historical fact; these include several topics you’ll see in the play, such as the actual plot to save the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra from the last days of the war, the real threat to Berlin’s women by the advancing Red Army, and the tragic choice made by many of the city’s women to take cyanide tablets – made available by the Nazi Youth – rather than face the coming wrath of the Russians.

Photo by Aaron Sutten

When the time arrived to adapt my novel for the theatre, I jettisoned much of the book’s structure – the Olympians, the iconic politicians, several fictional characters – and concentrated on the story’s core, the terrible history of the fall of Berlin. I centered the piece on a few viewpoints: two women struggling to persist in the final cataclysm of the German capitol, a lone Jew hiding his sacrifices and loss, two Red soldiers driven to the brink of madness by the horrors they’ve done and witnessed, and Berlin itself, “torn down to its skeleton.” The play focuses on the fears and hatreds of both sides, on insanity balanced by courage, and the desire to survive tempered by selflessness. The violence and cost of that war was, in every measure, unimaginable by modern standards, yet they became commonplace. This stands as a warning for modernity.

Photo by Aaron Sutten

I have tried to put for you a museum on the stage, a timepiece of peril, endurance and immense grace from a war long behind us, told by characters who should seem as frightening and challenging as they are contemporary. I ask you to measure what you see, inquire of yourself what you might have done in these circumstances. Ask what you would do today, and if you are honest, our play has done its work. 

Thank you.
– David L. Robbins


David L. Robbins is a playwright and author born in Richmond, Virginia. Both his parents, Sam and Carol, were veterans of WWII. Robbins began writing fiction in 1997 and has since published fourteen novels, has made repeated visits to the NY Times bestsellers list, and has had several of his works optioned for film. His latest novel is The Low Bird, based on a true story set during the Vietnam War about the rescue of a pilot behind enemy lines in Laos. The End of War is his third stage play. David currently teaches at VCU’s Honors College. He is the founder of James River Writers, a non-profit that helps aspiring writers work and learn together as a writing community; co-founder of the non-profit Podium Foundation, which supports the practice and teaching of writing for Richmond city youth; and he is the creator of The Mighty Pen Project, giving Virginia veterans and their families training to turn their memories of military service into written, archived narratives.

Surviving Berlin: from the playbill of ‘The End of War’

By Timothy Hensley
Director of Collections
Virginia Holocaust Museum



Timothy Hensley
Timothy Hensley

Berlin was home to nearly a third of all German Jews when the Nazis came to power in 1933. Over the course of six years, Hitler’s government imposed increasingly tighter restrictions on the 523,000 Jews living in the Reich, with a goal of forcing them to emigrate. As World War II started and the Germans enacted the Final Solution to the Jewish Question – a plan outlining the destruction of European Jewry — Jews in Germany were rounded-up and deported.

Hans Rosenthal (right) with brother Gert who was deported and killed.

Hans Rosenthal, who went on to become a well-known broadcaster, provides an example of the difficulty of surviving as a Jew in the heart of Germany during this period. In his autobiography, he describes how three different women risked their lives to shelter a teenage boy while Read more

Subterranean Sound Design

By Julian Evans
Sound Designer for The End of War

Julian Evans
Julian Evans is a composer, sound designer, and musician  —

In June 2016, Nathaniel Shaw sent me an early draft of a new work – a two-act drama set in WWII with extensive musical needs. Nearly nine months later, we would go on to open The End of War at the Virginia Repertory Theatre’s November Theater, with a mix of musical selections from Bach, Brahms, Wagner, Reger, Bruch, Bloch, Stockhausen, Mahler, Boulez, and Rachmaninoff – many of which are performed live by cellist Erin Snedecor, some of which are pre-recorded orchestral performances, and one of which is performed live with pre-recorded accompaniment. Getting there was a process of collaboration, research, listening, and more collaboration.

Back in June, my initial reactions to the script emphasized the crucial role of the Reichsmusikkammer – the Nazi institution which promoted “good German music” composed by Aryans, while banning “degenerate music” composed by Jewish composers, or having modernist sounds like jazz and atonal music. Indeed, this was built into the text in the very first minutes of the work:

“But it’s been five years. We’ve heard nothing but the German composers. Only them, over and over. Please, could you play someone else?”

Challenge accepted.

From the very first iterations of the musical selections, we knew there was another story to tell in the music. The story of how Read more

Join our team – Administrative Assistant position open


Administrative Assistant
Listed 3/6/2017
This position has been filled. Thanks to all who applied.

We’re seeking a detail oriented individual to join our administrative team.

Applicants should have a strong interest in being a part of a fast-moving performing arts organization, be highly organized and be able to manage many details.

This position reports directly to the Managing Director and is responsible for Read more